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Lokasi :

MALANG, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

Tentang Perusahaan/Lembaga :

Lab. Microbiology of Brawijaya University is supported by human resources who have education background of environmental microbiology and food microbiology. It has been serving analysis since 1995. Customers who analyze sample come from industry, governmental institution, or individual. The water quality analysis that is commonly conducted is the availability of bacteria Escherichia coli and coliform. In addition, food analysis consists of detection of pathogen bacteria such as Salmonella, Shigella, Vibrio and Staphylococcus aureus. Fertilizer analysis consists of mold, fungi, actinomisetes, cellulolytic, nitrification and phosphate solvent.

Lab. Microbiology is equipped by sophisticated equipments for teaching and learning process and research, those equipments are Autoclave (High-pressure steam sterilizer) merk Tomy ES-315, Shaker Kuhner, Centrifuge Eppendorf 5804R, Spectrophotometer Shimadzu type UV mini1240, Anaerobic incubator Heraeus, Laminar Air Flow, Microscopes, Microbial propagation room, Deep freezer, Mushroom medium sterilizer with steam generator, fungi house, etc.

Jasa Analisis/ Jasa yang ditawarkan : 

E. coli air minum Rp. 150.000 14
TPC Rp. 150.000 14
Salmonella Rp. 150.000
Staphylococcus aureus Rp. 150.000
Pseudomonas Rp. 150.000
Total Jamur Rp. 150.000  14
Penambat N Rp. 150.000
Streptomyces Rp. 150.000
Actinomycetes Rp. 150.000
Bacillus Rp. 150.000
Selulolitik Rp. 150.000
 Lipolitik Rp. 150.000
 Proteolitik Rp. 150.000
Amilolitik Rp. 150.000
Identifikasi jamur Rp. 300.000 14
Lactobacillus Rp. 150.000 14
Azotobacter Rp. 150.000
Rhizobium Rp. 150.000
Sacharomyces Rp. 150.000
Acetobacter Rp. 150.000
Pengahasil Fitohormon Auxin (Indole Acetic Acid) Rp. 150.000 14
Uji Patogenitas (Tanaman membawa sendiri) Rp.100.000 14
Kadar air Rp. 50.000 7
pH Rp. 50.000 7

Informasi Harga :

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Alamat dan Kontak :

Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science

Address : Street Veteran, Malang 65145, Biology building

Phone : 0341-575841

Sumber : https://mipa.ub.ac.id/layanan-laboratorium/